Vintage Pachinko Machines

Complete list of Vintage Pachinko Machines

Playing pachinko is a huge pastime in Japan. There are parlors with machines that top numbers of over 1,000, so it’s safe to say that there’s a game for every type of person. Besides pachinko gambling, the game is popular for another reason. Vintage pachinko machines are a collector’s dream, so you’ll find many on sale from different vendors and people who restore them.

Why is collecting vintage pachinko machines such a hit? The fact that the game is only popular in Japan is surely a reason. Collectors always aim for something unique that no one else has, and pachinko fits that part perfectly.

You can get restored and working vintage pachinko machines online and from a variety of vendors. Wherever you get it, you’ll know that you’re getting a completely unique type of game that the West has yet to grasp.

What Are Vintage Pachinko Machines?

Vintage items have always been a hit with players. That goes double for pachinko machines. In the past, the pachinko industry has gone through a series of changes. Vintage pachinko machines are those from the first era of pachinko, with the priciest ones coming from the 1950s.

These machines are usually much pricier than modern pachinko machines. That’s the price you pay for legendary games. They’ve withstood the test of time and are selling for head-spinning sums of cash nearly half a century later.

Collectors certainly love getting their hands on a piece of history. When it comes to Japan and gambling, pachinko holds the top spot. Vintage pachinko machines are often sold for thousands of dollars to the highest bidder. You can find them online, but if you want a truly unique pachinko machine, you’ll most likely find through other channels.

Vintage Pachinko Machine Restoration?

The majority of vintage pachinko machines you’ll find these days are restored. There are whole shops who work on it, meticulously restoring pachinko machines from the 1950s or 1960s. They make sure they cover every tiny detail while keeping the visuals and mechanic original.

The price of these restored machines is determined by the condition, manufacturer, functionality, features, and accessories. Many of these shops do everything they can to fully restore a vintage pachinko machine to its original look and feel. They scour missing components online and in antique shops, which elevates the price even further.

When it’s finally working, they sell it to the highest bidder, and you can bet that there are as many bidders as you want. Vintage pachinko games are in high demand, and if you’re a collector, you will most likely need to ‘fight off’ others to get your hands on the prize.

Where Can I Get a Vintage Pachinko Machine?

Pachinko machines, especially the vintage ones, are in high demand these days. In most cases, you can get one through a vendor or online. When it comes to vintage machines, you will need to go through Amazon, eBay, or similar online stores, or a store that collects and rebuilds vintage machines.

Vintage pachinko machines are the ultimate collectible reward. While hard to get, there are plenty of spots online where you can find them for sale. Collectors will scour the Internet looking for machines released in the 1960s or 1970s. Of course, they will prefer quality over quantity, and restored vintage machines are usually pretty much high on the quality scale. You might find great machines with some newer, non-original parts that won’t cost you that much, but will still be a great vintage game.

How Are Vintage Machines Priced?

There are several factors that impact the price of a vintage pachinko machine. First things first – the older the machine is, the higher its price will be. If you’re looking for a machine from the 1950s, the prices can reach thousands of dollars. It’ll be in the higher range if the machine is in mint condition, which rarely happens.

During the early periods of pachinko, vintage machines that were replaced by new ones were stockpiled and later sent off to the West. Many of these are still in circulation today among collectors. The rarer the features, the higher the price. If your vintage pachinko machine has a date tag and it shows as a machine from the early pachinko period, you will pay a high price.

Of course, collectors won’t mind. The rare a machine, they more likely are they to buy it. The other factors that are important for dating and pricing vintage pachinko machines are the features and how they compare to other machines. You can inspect the features yourself by taking a look at the machine. Of course, this is only possible in shops, as online stores don’t do them justice. Many collectors compare vintage pachinko machines with others so they can get a feel for its price and not overpay for a common machine.

Once again, rare features and an older vintage pachinko machine will cost more than others. Make sure to check it all before setting on a prize and buying the machine yourself.

How Much Does a Vintage Pachinko Machine Cost?

In general, modern pachinko machines bought online cost anywhere between $20 and $100. However, vintage pachinko machines cost closer to $1,000 or more if you’re getting a rare game.

For example, the typical range for a machine from the late 1970 costs up to $100 or over. Vintage pachinko machines from the 1960s cost up to $200 for the common models, and more for rare editions. Those from the 1950s can cost up to $300 or more if it’s a rare machine.

Websites where you can buy modern pachinko machines price some models as high as $1,000. Those are machines with great reviews such as Terminator and usually cost more. If you’re getting a more common machine, the prices can drop to a few hundred.

Major retailers such as Alibaba have a great collection of vintage pachinko machines that can range to a few thousand dollars. Of course, if you buy from them you’re risking damage as they’re shipped internationally.