Pachinko Palace

Pachinko Palace – A Pachinko machine manufacturor from the USA

Pachinko machines are a huge hit in Japan and have been for quite a while. With a rich history that dates back nearly a century, there have been millions of pachinko machines in parlors across the country. Legal changes have shifted the pachinko landscape back and forth, pushing manufacturers to update their machines in terms of features. There have been more than a few pachinko manufacturers over the years, and one of the best ones in the business was definitely Pachinko Palace.

Surprisingly, Pachinko Palace didn’t operate in Japan. It’s actually a company that was popular in the USA, supplying players with hundreds of these machines. It also restored originals which were the perfect gift for any occasion in the mid to late 1970s.

What is Pachinko Palace?

Pachinko Palace was a short-lived company which restored original pachinko machines, usually those from Nishijin. Riding the wave of the pachinko phenomenon, Pachinko Palace is one of the first commercial companies to bring the original game to the USA. It produced hundreds of machines during the mid to late 1970s and issued more than a few manuals translated to English from Japanese, making pachinko popular in the USA as well.

Pachinko Palace’s headquarters were in El Camino, La Mesa, Canoga Park, and San Mateo. The company’s strong presence in California and the access to casinos and parlors made it a huge hit in the 1970s. All the restored machines and originals were modeled after Nishijin pachinko machines. These were authentic pachinko models with guides translated to English, bringing them closer to the general US public.

It’s fair to say that Pachinko Palace was a revolutionary company the is responsible for bringing the pachinko craze to Japan. It played an instrumental role into the popularity of the game in the USA, and its translated guides were a nice touch that told players everything they need to know about pachinko.

It was a short-lived company, though. After the early success in the mid to late 1970s, Pachinko Palace went bankrupt in 1983.

Types of Pachinko Palace Slots

In its prime, Pachinko Palace mostly based its slots on those manufactured by Nishijin. The earliest models were on Nishijin machines from the 1970s, complete with diagrams on how the machine operates and a guide. Most manuals are for Nishijin machines and apply to a wide range of games. These really also cover the basics of how to play pachinko.

The manufacturer followed the latest trends in the pachinko industry and brought them to the USA. During that period, the pachinko craze was off the rails, and thanks to Pachinko Palace, US players enjoyed it all.

Most of the games Pachinko Palace manufactured were used as gifts for different occasions. Keep in mind that the pachinko industry in the USA didn’t experience the same heights as Japan did. In the USA, pachinko was mostly thought of as a fun game or a gift for special occasions. There were no parlors at the time, so most of the machines were sold to collectors or casino fans who wanted to try something new.