Metal Gear Solid Pachinko Machine

Metal Gear Solid Pachinko Machine Overview

If you’re a video game fan, you’ve surely heard of Konami. The Japanese entertainment and gambling conglomerate has released an endless number of hits in the past couple of decades. Some of the most popular games include Castlevania, Silent Hills, Yu-Gi-Oh, and the football simulation Pro Evolution Soccer, also known as Winning Eleven. However, there’s been one Konami franchise that has more fans than the others, and that’s Metal Gear Solid.

The stealth action series of video games was developed by the legendary Hideo Kojima. First launched in 1987, the Metal Gear series went on for over a dozen games. The last two instalments were Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and 2018’s Metal Gear Survive. The video game series’ popularity has went beyond video games, infiltrating different facets of pop culture.

Due to the huge popularity in Japan, it was only a matter of time before fans got a Metal Gear pachinko machine. Pachinko machines were a perfect vessel for Konami’s games, especially after the studio’s recent move away from console gaming.

In 2016, the company re-adapted one of the best selling games in the series, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, to a pachislot which received mixed reviews.

What is Metal Gear Solid?

As mentioned earlier, Metal Gear is one of Konami’s biggest IPs. It’s a stealth action video game staring a secret special forces operative called Big Boss or Solid Snake. His main objective in each game is to find the superweapon called Metal Gear, a bipedal tank that can launch nuclear weapons.

Big Boss’ major goal is saving the world from destruction. The games feature plenty of twists and turns which takes the intrigue up a notch. Metal Gear is known for popularizing stealth action video games, with experts also praising its cinematic cutscenes and intricate storylines for the games’ popularity.

In over 2 decades of existence, the video game series has been adapted to a variety of other media. There are plenty of comics and novels centered around Big Boss’ adventures, and recently, Konami turned its attention to the world of pachinko games as well.

The fact that pachinko machines are quite versatile made them a perfect vessel for Metal Gear’s twisting story. The first Metal Gear Solid pachinko machine was released in 2016, adapting the MGS3 story.

Why is the Franchise so Popular?

One of the things players love the most about Metal Gear is the intricate storyline. MGS games are known to jump between different periods, exploring different ears of Big Boss’ life. Going back and forth hasn’t always been successful. On the other hand, the gameplay was always great, and the humor including moments that break the fourth wall as well as the philosophical and dystopian themes make Metal Gear a franchise to remember.

Solid Snake’s influence in the video game genre is nothing to gawk at. He’s one of the biggest characters in video games ever, and has appeared in other games and media as well. That’s one of the reasons why Konami chose to re-adapt one of the best games in the series in an MGS3 pachinko machine.

The Top Metal Gear Pachinko Machines

Konami’s first foray into the world of pachinko was a remastered adaptation of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. The MGS3 pachinko game was met with mixed reception from fans and experts. Fans were livid that the company moved on from console game development to pachinko games, while experts thought that pachinko is an inappropriate medium for MGS.

The first Metal Gear Solid pachinko machine was released in 2016. Konami decide to go all guns blazing. The games was developed on the same Fox Engine used by the video games. The Playstation 2 hit was remade from the ground up, featuring remastered graphics and upgraded gameplay. This is one of those pachinko machines that takes things up a notch. The game featured returning characters from previous games, with the stealth action taking the front stage.

While making the game, Konami paid attention to all the details that make Metal Gear such a great series. The MGS3 pachinko machine isn’t your average pachinko game. The studio has released lengthy footage that will immerse you into the world of MGS so you can easily forget you’re playing pachinko.

Many have speculated that the mere quality of the MGS3 pachinko machine means that a remaster or a new MGS game is coming. Fans of the video game series were not satisfied about Konami’s move away from console game development. While the studio has only released one Metal Gear pachinko machine so far, but there have been other video games adapted into pachislots or pachinko games as well. It shows that the Japanese video game juggernaut has set its sights on this profitable industry, putting its game heroes into cabinets for mass entertainment.

What Does the Future Hold?

Everyone’s wondering if another Metal Gear Solid pachinko machine is coming soon. That’s a legit question. If you ask fans, it should stop. However, knowing Konami and its intentions to branch out into gambling, we’re sure new MGS machines will follow.

The fact remains that Metal Gear is a very successful video game franchise that was already adapted into various media. It’s a gold mine in Japan, so the move to pachinko was waiting to happen. One machine is already out, and we believe that new ones will also arrive when the time is right.

The draw of MGS games and pachinko machines is a match made in heaven for players. It’s simply too big a market to ignore for Konami, especially now when the company has seemingly turned its focus away from console gaming.

Of course, there’s always a possibility that a new Metal Gear video game arrives soon with a Metal Gear Solid pachinko machine in tow. By working on two fronts at the same time, Konami will surely receive a massive number of new fans. It may not have struck the target with the MGS3 pachinko machine, but who says that it can’t do it better next time?