Pachinko Game Online

In the world of casino gambling, there are plenty of different games to enjoy. Slots may the most popular casino game in the world, but there’s a whole world of other games out there you weren’t aware about.

We’re talking beyond poker, blackjack, and roulette. For example, have you ever heard of pachinko? A type of mechanical game similar to slots that originated from Japan, pachinko has slowly, but surely made progress to the Western world in the past few years. What was once only available in special pachinko parlors has now spread across the globe.

We’re proud to announce that we’re the first developer to bring pachinko online. It’s been a wild journey, from studying the Japanese game extensively to working around the clock to perfectly transfer its features to the virtual space. The result is a celebration of the unique game in all its glory, paying attention to the rich history and cultural heritage behind it.

Before we delve further into it, let’s talk a bit about what made pachinko so popular with players.

What is Pachinko?

Pachinko is a special type of game that originated in Japan. It’s both a recreational arcade game and a gambling machine. The game uses steel balls in the gameplay that deliver special prize tokens that can later be exchanged for cash. It is played in widespread pachinko parlors in Japan which are also filled with slots known as pachislos.

While gambling for real money is illegal in Japan, the pachinko game has successfully bypassed that by offering prize tokens instead for cash. You can later exchange those tokens for cash or other rewards but at a separate vendor outside of the pachinko parlors.

The mechanical game was virtually unknown in the online gambling world until a few years ago. It never managed to break out of Asia and Japan, but thanks to our online adaptation, millions of players will enjoy the unique thrills it offers.

Pachinko Origins

According to historians, the first pachinko game machine was built sometime in the 1920s. It was initially developed as a children’s toy. Ten years later, it emerged as a popular pastime for adults. It spread like wildfire throughout Japan, with new parlors emerging every week. They were closed during the First World War, but reopened in the 1940s and enjoyed even bigger success.

Until the 1980s, all pachinko games were mechanical. They used bells to indicate the different machine states, with electricity only used to indicate certain problems. The steel balls were launched with a flipper, and pulling it to different levels controlled the speed.

Sankyo and Nishijin were the initial companies to produce pachinko machines. After the 1980s, they started introducing new electronic features. The old machines were getting replaced by the new ones, but a new market for vintage pachinko machines opened up at the same time.

The infamous pinball-like game continued being a hit in Japan. Bit by bit, it became popular all around the world, mostly due to collectors buying vintage pachinko machines for insane sums of cash. This introduced the need for the game to jump online just like slots did before it.

Online pachinko games are still a rarity. Some studios have paired them with bingo games, others have slapped the name pachinko on slots. However, no game has presented pachinko in a better way than our latest. It’s a perfect replica of the popular game you can play in Japan, paying close attention to its original features and the rich culture behind it.

How to Play Pachinko

On first glance, the game can look pretty complex. The fact that it’s not that present in the Western world as it is in Japan makes things even more confusing. However, pachinko is pretty similar to pinball machines, at least in mechanics. If you’re ever tried them (offline or online), it’s easy to get started with pachinko online. A bit more in depth guide on how to play pachinko.

  • The first thing you need to do to start playing is find a game to play. There are different pachinko themes, each one trying to impress a different type of player. Find one that suits your wants and needs, then insert money in the ball dispenser – it’s usually located on the left side of the machine;
  • Hit the ball release button or pull the lever to launch the steel balls. If you’re playing online, there should be a Shoot or Push button that does the same;
  • Just like in a pinball machine, the balls will be sent flying across the field and go around levers, cups, pins, traps, and other types of obstacles;
  • Players can win more balls if the initial ones hit a certain spot during the fall. Playing with more balls might look more complex, but it’s considered an advantage since it allows you to stay in the game for longer;
  • New pachinko machines have a digital display in the center, where hitting 3 numbers or symbols in a row deliver a jackpot, similar to a slot machine;
  • Our new pachinko online variant will reproduce these steps in perfect motion, following the workings of the best pachinko games in Japan. Unlike the real machines, though, it’ll have real rewards instead of tokens that you can later exchange for real prizes.

Where to Play Pachinko

The mechanical game can be played in original pachinko parlors in Japan or online. The parlors are a major attraction in Japan. They are a true cultural heritage and easily recognized by the bright and colorful exterior. Inside, they house hundreds of machines and usually offer a slot corner as well.

If you ask the Japanese, they’ll say that the parlors are quite noisy. And how could they not be? With hundreds of pachinko game machines and thousands of steel balls, the decibels will always be up. Both men and women fancy the game in Japan. While it is a game of chance, many play it professionally.

From a legal standpoint, pachinko is tolerated by the government of Japan, but not a legalized form of gambling. The fact that you can’t win real money helps its case. In Japan, the only regulated forms of gambling are boat racing, horse racing, and bicycle racing. For decades, pachinko has been considered dirty business and a game for society rejects. That’s why parlors are commonly run by Koreans and not Japanese owners.

The police is constantly checking for the game’s fairness and ensure that parlor owners pay their taxes. In the 1990s, pachinko machines were reworked to accept pre-paid cards rather than cash. These have remained popular in parlors ever since. They have a digital screen instead of drums. The so-called CR machines can deliver profits of 200,000 yen in one day, but they can also burn through large sums of money if you’re not careful.

Pachinko online is nearly non-existent. Well, except for our brand-new game. We’ve decided to make a perfect replica of the popular gambling machine with a few modern additions that adapt it to the modern age. Playing online might lack the sights and sounds of a pachinko parlor, but it’s still an exciting way to earn some cash.

Pachinko Machines – a Valuable Cultural Heritage

While many see pachinko as a social problem, there’s no question that the machines are a big part of Japan’s cultural heritage. In the 1990s, there were many stories of babies suffocating in cars while their pachinko-obsessed mothers played the game. At that time, most parlors put up posters warning mothers not to forget their children, which gave the game some bad rep.

At the moment, almost no parlors accept children inside. Traditionally, Japanese women rarely have daytime employment as they handle a household finances. That’s why parlors are overwhelmed by women rather than men in the daytime, with lady day campaigns pretty common for most parlors.

There’s no denying that pachinko is a valuable cultural heritage in Japan. Even with the drawbacks and shocking stories, it’s still a rich part of the country’s history. Every year, a new record is broken when it comes to selling unique pachinko machines in online stores or auctions. Players from the West love collecting these machines, with some possessing quite a large collection. It’s a unique type of game that’s rarely seen outside of Asia, but we’re aiming to change that with the development of our brand-new online pachinko game.

Is the Pachinko Game Popular Outside of Asia?

Pachinko parlors and games are huge in Japan. On estimate, people spend over $200 billion annually on the game, which is over 30 times the revenue Vegas has. However, its popularity has mostly been contained to Japan and Asia. Pachinko online games have still not reached maturity, and that’s what we’re trying to change.

There has been quite the interest in the game outside of Japan, but no real action. With our online pachinko games, we’re trying to bring the fun globally. With land-based venues losing their power from the past decades, the online gaming sphere is a perfect choice for new pachinko games.

With our version, we’ve been trying to stay true to the original without making a lot of changes. To be honest, we believe that the gambling industry online needs some fresh blood, and our version of the steel balls game might provide that precisely.

We really believe that interest for it will grow and we’re hoping that we give players a chance to enjoy the game as it was meant to be.

Online Pachinko Games

There’s a huge difference between regular pachinko machines and the games you can play online. The virtual space is hugely different than what you get in parlors. So far, there haven’t been many pachinko online games. The majority were developed in the form of online slots, with a few live dealer pachinko games. So far, no game has been able to replicate the unique gameplay, and that’s what we’re trying to achieve.

Our online pachinko game is true to the original. It doesn’t use steel balls, obviously, but there are several legacy features transported from the original game. We’re trying to develop a game that will replicate the feeling of going in a pachinko parlor where you can sit in front of a machine and play. Of course, that comes with a slew of challenges which we’ve overcome with dedication and hard work.

Online pachinko games come in two different formats. They’re both similar to traditional machines, yet with subtle feature differences.

  • The standard format can be played from desktop and mobile devices. It’s most similar to the traditional pachinko machines you’ll find in parlors in Japan. You have a shoot button in the lower corner, usually on the right side. There should be a legacy opening for the coins on the right, although you insert them virtually, of course.
  • Mobile pachinko games are fully focused for on-the-go gameplay. They replicate the experience you get on desktop, but in pocket-sized form. Most of the traditional layout and design are unchanged which is great since players don’t need to learn a new way to play. Of course, these games are mobile-optimized for touch screen devices, so you can expect to play with a few flicks of your finger.

If you loved playing the game in parlors, you’ll love what it has to offer online as well. Live dealer pachinko games have been the closest so far to the original machine. With our new version of the pachinko online game, we’re trying to do it a tad better, staying true to the original as much as possible.

Different Types of Pachinko Games

In terms of design, there are three different types of machines. The Japanese-born game’s main types are easily customized to fit a variety of themes and styles. To put it simply, these machines can be tailored to fit any kind of theme, making them suitable for players from all walks of life. Just like there are different themes in slots, there are different pachinko themes too.


The most widespread type of pachinko game is called hanimono. These were initially developed in the 1970s, and are still common in parlors in Japan. When playing a Hanemono machine, hitting a certain field or area will result in the opening of new holes around the central one which means higher chances to win. These machines are cheapest to play and due to the higher winning opportunities, they pay smaller jackpots. At the same time, they’re probably the easiest pachinko game to start with.


In the 1990s, a new type of the machine was invented and called Diji-Pachi. This is the one most online forms are adapted on. It has a digital screen in the middle in which numbers are spun like in a slot. Depending on where the balls fall, the numbers will spin and probably produce a winning combination that awards a jackpot. They can also trigger a special bonus round (sometimes called fever) where the payouts rise progressively with each win involving the numbers.


The final and rarest form of pachinko is called kenrimono. This type of pachinko is for elite players only. It has a wider learning curve and specific rules that you pick up as you play. In some of these machines, winning a round boosts your subsequent winning chances by tenfold. Kenrimono pachinko games are also the highest paying ones, but your chances to win are pretty slim.

The three main types of pachinko games feature excellent artistic design which plays a very important role. Modern machines can be customized to fit any theme or concept, and that’s what drives the popularity of the game in 2021. With the very first real pachinko game online we’re developing, we’re trying to bring the artistic concepts and design into play as well. It’ll be a flashy and colorful game with all the right features that will do the machines justice.

Tips for Playing Pachinko

While you can’t really influence the outcome of a game of pachinko, there are still some tips that can reduce your losses and optimize profits. With that being said, you need to understand that it’s a game of luck rather than skill, so unless you have luck on your side, you can’t do anything to win. The game doesn’t owe you anything – if you lose 10 times in a row, it doesn’t mean that the 11th round will be a win.

Just like in slots, pachinko needs to be played carefully and with smarts. Below you can learn a few tips and tricks that should help you minimize losses.

  • When choosing a machine to play, choose wisely. There are hundreds of options and they’re all different. The stats are different too. Just like with slots, you have a higher chance of winning one particular machines than others. There are two numbers you need to pay attention to when choosing a machine. The first shows the current (today) wins, while the second shows the number of spins. The best machines will have lots of spins with a few wins. Stats will also show you how the machine performed over the past few days, so you know what to expect.
  • If possible, always choose a shindai machine. These are the latest pachinko games advertised on trains and so. While there don’t have long-term stats, they are very hot and usually offer great wins.
  • If you want to minimize your losses, you have to set a bankroll limit. Never spend a lot of money and don’t try to chase your losses. It’s a bad tactic that will deplete your bankroll quickly and can lead to gambling addiction.

These are just a few tips that can help you optimize your profits. Keep in mind that you need to be extra careful with pachinko games, especially online, as they can feed your addiction easily and get you into trouble.

The First Real Pachinko Online Game

After years of waiting, online players can now enjoy a real pachinko machine. Our team has studied the game hard and managed to transfer all the trademarks of a good pachinko game online. That has been nearly impossible by now. All the pachinko online games we’ve had were mere imitations that looked like the game, but were never close to it.

We believe that players are owed a proper pachinko game and we promise to deliver. Our pachinko online variant takes everything a real machine has and transfers it online. Our game is not a slot with a pachinko theme or mechanics. It’s a true variant of the game popular in Japan that will certainly appeal to a wide range of players.

We’ve modelled it after extensive studying of the original machines and all the features they offer. Of course, the payout has been adapted to online methods – you won’t have to take your tokens to an off-site location to keep prizes. We’re excited to deliver this unique game to the online space and hope to inspire many to follow our steps.


What is pachinko?

Pachinko is a unique game played with steel balls that is incredibly popular in Japan. It was modelled after early pinball games and has slot elements built into it.

Can I play pachinko games for free?

In Japanese pachinko game parlors, you can’t play the game for free. The good news is that online variants such as the ones we’re developing will have a demo mode so you can try it out. While it’s not a complicated game to play, playing gambling games for free before splashing the cash is always a good idea. It’ll give you a chance to take a look at the mechanics so you’re ready when you play for real money.

Can I win real money on these machines?

After checking the demo, you can proceed to play online pachinko games for real money. Unlike the original, our version of the game will support real money payouts.

Are online pachinko games available on mobile?

Absolutely. The game we’re developing will be built for mobile devices without the need to download it.